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those faggots banned me from __emo_xcore__. grrr!!!!!!! i don't know why they didnt except me, i'm emo to the core. someone plz, go harass them and spam their journal. hehehehe. in the mean time do any of u guys know of any other emo communities? ones that aren't run by assholes? lol

i got a digital camera yesterday. i took a few shots of myself, these (w/o my glasses) are the only 1s that came out good. the camerai snt working that good rite now because i was looking at the sunset earlier from my backyard and i just started thinking about my life and i started crying and my tears sorta got on the camera. im gonna go to the mall to that one store where i got it to see if the guy can look at it. then ill probably spend the rest of my time at hot topic cause i saw some funny shirts there that i couldn't afford last time.

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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